Apex Legends Hackers Are Allegedly Also Behind Titanfall Hacks

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We're into Season 10 of Apex Legends and the lead-up has been an odd one, especially in regards to some attacks on Respawn's popular FPS title. If you're a long-time player, no doubt you'll have heard of Titanfall, another game created by Respawn with a super dedicated and passionate fan base, some might even say more so than Apex.

As with most modern games, Apex Legends is constantly being updated (keep track of the changes in the patch notes), but, the same can't be said for Titanfall. Many players feel that Respawn has abandoned Titanfall 2 in particular, and with a fairly healthy player base, it's frustrating for those still dedicated.


A while ago some took it upon themselves to try to make the developers take action and give more attention to Titanfall by hacking Apex Legends. These hacks also delayed cross-progression, a feature players have been desperate for. However, new allegations claim that those hacking Apex for the sake of Titanfall 2, are allegedly the same people who were hacking Titanfall in the first place.

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Apex Legends Hackers Allegedly Also Titanfall Hackers

Many who play Titanfall 2 have found it almost impossible to actually do so due to many hacks and DDoSing. Similar hacks have been affecting Apex Legends, especially in its ranked mode, but Respawn seemed more on the ball with stopping them.


No one was aware who was actually behind these attacks, the below screenshot showing what players had on their screens during the Apex Legends hack. Players were unable to enter into any games until Respawn had repaired the battle royale game.

However, YouTuber 'Upper Echelon' recently posted a video that goes into great detail regarding the Apex Legends hacks, revealing who allegedly performed them. According to this video, Discord group 'Remnant Fleet' member 'p0358' was speaking with other members, attempting to keep Titanfall "dead."

Upper Echelon alleges that p0358 intended to pressure Respawn into hiring them or give them access to the servers so that they could bring back a cancelled project named Titanfall Online. Allegedly users p0358, RedShield, DogeCore, and Mr Steyk were all involved in something they called 'operation Titanfall' which involved hacking Apex Legends.


There are messages as far back as February of this year that allegedly show admin RedShield discussing the 'publicity stunt'. In these messages, they state their intent to lock down the servers for 48 hours to bring light to the Titanfall issue.

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This user was also quoted as having said, “I ask that Respawn solves the issue permanently by giving us access and control over the Titanfall 1 servers, with permission to moderate, to ban users, and, if I can be so bold, to even mod the game."


User p0358 had a tweet that went semi-viral explaining how to fix Titanfall. Although many praised them for their work, it now leaves a very sour taste to know they were allegedly part of the hack for both Apex and Titanfall. They even went on to mention being hired by Respawn, once again.

User p0358 did not respond to a request for comment, and Gfinity could not get in touch with RedShield, DogeCore, or Mr Steyk.

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