New Apex Legends Maps Will Be Added to the ALGS “When the Time is Right”

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Year 2 of the Apex Legends Global Series has been unveiled, and while some surprises may well still be in store, players and viewers are already getting excited at the thought of a $5 million prize pool and potential in-person events for the first time in the ALGS’ history.

As a part of the Year 2 announcement, ALGS commissioner John Nelson told Gfinity that the crowdfunded prize pool of the ALGS Championship was an “enormous success,” although he wouldn’t elaborate a lot further. “We’re announcing the $5 million base prize pool for Year 2,” he says, “but at this moment I can't get into any specifics around any potential future prize pool-augmenting programs that we might be working on.”


Apex Legends Season 10's changes to World's Edge are pretty much given to be added for next season, but beyond that, it's anyone's guess. But as a part of Gfinity’s interview with ALGS commissioner John Nelson, he also explains that he wants to include “as much content” as possible in the esports scene, and that EA will work together with Respawn to bring more of the game to the biggest stage. 

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New Maps Will Be Added to the ALGS “When the Time is Right”

“We have a desire to include as much Apex Legends content as we can in the ALGS,” he says. “We'll look to introduce things like additional maps when the time is right.”


Nelson keeps his lips sealed on any concrete dates or plans, but confirms that EA is listening to players and could work with the developers to create esports battles on more maps than just World’s Edge.

"The right time will be a collaborative effort between my team, the Respawn development team and player feedback across all competitors,” he explains. 

Harvester sends a laser into the centre of a planet, the inverted pyramid is nestled among mountains and cliffs.
World's Edge is currently the only map played in the ALGS.

World’s Edge is the only map currently used in the ALGS due to its competitive integrity, but other esports tournaments such as BLAST Titans have taken competitors to Olympus during the ALGS off-season. The second weekend of BLAST action will be an Arenas-only tournament, but it might be a while before we see the 3v3 skirmish mode in the ALGS.


“The community has been supporting Arenas from a from a competitive perspective,” says Nelson. “It's been really cool to see some of the tournaments that have happened so far. I'm not able to speak to any of our future plans around Arenas specifically, but I’m excited about what we've seen.”

Does John Nelson’s excitement translate into an Arenas ALGS tournament? Definitely not, but his competitive team may try to introduce new maps if the player feedback suggests it is warranted.