Does Apex Legends Have Cross-Progression?

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Apex Legends Season 8 is finally here, and Respawn Entertainment's successful battle royale is now available on PlayStation and Xbox systems, as well as PC and, as of tomorrow, Nintendo Switch.

That's got a lot of players wondering when they'll be able to pick up their progress regardless of platform, and in that regard, there's both good and bad news.

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Does Apex Legends Have Cross-Progression?

The short answer is no, Apex Legends doesn't have cross-progression – at least not yet.

In a new interview with NintendoLife discussing the latest port of the game, Game Director Chad Grenier said that cross-progression is intended to be implemented eventually.

"It is planned, but I think we’re a ways out from being able to offer that [cross-progression]," Grenier explained.

"I really want it as a gamer myself, so I hear what our fans are saying and I totally agree with them. We’re doing work to try to make that happen, it’s a complex challenge of multiple accounts existing for various users that we have to resolve or merge, there are legal and contractual things to navigate with purchasing on other platforms and having those carryover and also some technical challenges."

"So it’s not something we can just turn on, but we are working towards having it and the team is passionate about delivering it at some point."

It's positive that the team is working on it, but it's a shame we don't have any further news.

Apex Legends' chief rivals, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, each have cross-progression enabled, meaning players can enjoy the game on their platform of choice and continue their levelling or even their purchased battle pass challenges there.

Still, Respawn has implemented cross-play between consoles, PC, and now the Switch in the last few months, so never say never.


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