Do Arrows Taint the Loot Pool in Apex Legends?

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The Bocek Bow has been a great addition to Apex Legends, giving players the skill to use it as a powerful weapon against their foes in-game.

Even though the bow quickly received a bit of a nerf, its usefulness persists, fitting in well with the existing lineup of the Apex Legends arsenal.

There is an issue with the Bocek Bow, and that is its custom Arrow ammo type.

Bocek Bow Arrows

Apex Legends arrow icon
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ARROWS: Too much, or just right?

The Bocek Bow uses Arrows, a new ammo type in Apex Legends.

It is currently the only weapon that uses this type, and arrows are often found alongside the bow, either in supply bins or on the ground.

A cool feature with arrows is that they can be shot and then picked up again in certain conditions.

This allows players to easily replenish their arrows, as they are not a common ammo type to find during a match.

That being said, is it worth having a custom ammo type for a single weapon?

Does it corrupt the loot pool a bit to do so?

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Arrows in the Loot Pool

Apex Legends supply bin
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SUPPLY: How most players get their gear in Apex Legends

As stated before, arrows are pretty rare, usually only found with the Bocek Bow in supply bins or ground loot.

There is still a problem, though.

Normally when a player opens a bin or finds ground loot that does not have a weapon they want to snag, they can at least pick up some ammo for a weapon they do have.

If a player finds a Bocek Bow and does not want it, the included ammo found with it is also completely useless.

Does it really make a difference?

In most cases, it does not.

There are, however, cases towards the end of a match where getting a bit of loot can make a huge difference in how well players are supplied for the end game.

A player desperate for ammo may find themselves out of luck when opening a bin or finding an already open bin with a Bocek and a bunch of arrows that they do not need.

Is it essential to have a custom ammo type for only one weapon instead of just supplying the bow with X amount of ammo that has a chance to be recovered?

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Fairly Balanced

Apex Legends Rampart with Bocek Bow
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BALANCE: Apex is all about it

The way Respawn has it now, the Bocek Bow and its ammo are fairly balanced in how often they show up versus other weapons and ammo types.

While there is a rare occasion when it feels like the arrows clutter the loot pool a bit, their rarity, and the ability to pick up spent ammunition, balances things out a bit so fans of the bow can enjoy the use of it. Players who want to ignore it still have plenty of other loot to find.

While it still seems a bit silly to have an ammo type for one weapon, Respawn has made it work.

Who knows.

Maybe Apex Legends fans will see another weapon in the future that uses arrow ammo.

A crossbow would be amazing, as would another type of semi-automatic weapon that uses arrows.

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