Apex Legends Player Guesses People’s Mains Based on Bad Descriptions

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Some characters battling away in Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

The cast of characters featured in Apex Legends is a colourful one to say the least. Especially, as it turns out, when they’re described in very vague terms.

This is something that Apex Legends Reddit user VladmirinMoscow has taken advantage of, asking fellow Apex players to describe their mains in the worst way possible, so that he can guess them.

This game certainly makes for an interesting thread, as you can see below, with various players lining up to offer obscure riddles of varying lengths based on their preferred characters.

Apex Legends Player Guesses People’s Mains

Some of the descriptions are rather brief and offer easy solutions, such as “metal orphan boy” being a clear allusion to Pathfinder and “levitating lesbian” quickly being guessed to refer to Valkyrie.

Others focus on what it’s like to play as the characters with “coolest ult that does absolutely nothing” likely referring to Bangalore and “what if we took the speed of octane, the team portability of wraith, height advantage of Horizon, and frame of Revenant, and made some horrible amalgamation that's only like the 5th most picked legend” serving as a much longer way of referencing Pathfinder.

However, a few are a little more complex, possibly applying to multiple characters, such as “useless for 40 seconds”, which prompted guesses of Crypto, Lifeline and “my teammates but for the whole game”. Also “no dad”, which VladmirinMoscow identified as applying to “literally half the characters”.

Those answers certainly seem a little harsh towards Apex’s roster of characters, but most players on Reddit do still regard them with a degree of reverence, as shown by the rather Freudian riddles of “mommy” and “space mommy”, as well as “booba” and “bunda”, which obviously both refer to Gibraltar.

This is in addition to several responses that we simply couldn’t print here, as our main is an incredibly reputable and family-friendly gaming website.

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