Daltoosh Gives His Apex Legends Weapon Recommendation

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There will be some weapons in Apex Legends that are better than others. Most guns with the lowest recoil and fastest killing rate will take time to figure out what's best. There is always the option to check out our guides, such as the Apex Legends tier list, or you can ask top players.

In a video, Dalton AKA 'Daltoosh' shows off a great pick from his Apex Legend weapon tier list. Below is a description of the weapon, some reasons to use it, and a screenshot demonstrating its effectiveness. GFinity doesn't simply make recommendations; we always have the facts at hand.


Best Apex Legends Weapons

In the video below, Daltoosh frequently displays the Volt SMG. Players can kill even the most armored opponents with this energy-based weapon, which has the slightest recoil. Below are screenshots and facts to illustrate why I highly recommend it.

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I know what you're thinking, energy ammo is hard to find and this weapon is not good at hip firing. That's all true, but if you can aim, there are a ton of benefits:

  • It reloads faster than any other SMG.
  • Among all Apex Legends SMGs, it fires the fastest bullets.
  • Among all SMGs, the bullet drop is the lowest.
  • A good performer at long and medium-range, with its best performance at close range.

The picture from Apex Legends Wiki shows precisely how many hits are required to kill an opponent.

What's the harm in at least trying it out with all of that information? You might discover that this has been your favorite weapon all along. If nothing else, at least you have the information.