Apex Legends Cross-Progression Delayed Due To Recent Hacks

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The community has plenty of items on their Apex Legends wishlist, more than anything though it seems players have been waiting for cross-progression.

Many players have originally started out on a console, then switch to PC or vice versa, I spent nearly a year playing Apex on Xbox, only to feel almost defeated and PC knowing I had lost all of my progress.


For some players this is enough not to give a different platform a go! With Season 10 on its way, no doubt this is a dilemma for many.

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Apex Legends Cross-Progression Delayed

If you've been away from Apex Legends for a while you may not have known or heard about the recent hack leaving players unable to enter games.

The attack was done so by disgruntled Titanfall players, who according to the text seen in the lobby, were fed up with hackers invading their gameplay.

It seemed to be a bit of an eye for an eye situation, the hackers felt that Titanfall isn't regulated enough or protected and so they prevent Respawn's most successful game from working.


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A player asked Chad Grenier, Apex Legends' game director, for an update on cross-progression. "In development," said Grenier, "although recent hacks on Apex and TF have slowed down the progress of it as we context switch to solving live game issues."

A bit of a blow for players who have been patient and unfortunately there isn't really a bright side to the news. But at least we know that the cross-progression feature is still at the forefront of Respawn's mind.

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