CouRageJD Tries To Prove Haters Wrong By Getting Masters Rank In Apex Legends In 53 Hours Solo

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We recently reported on some controversy surrounding Jack 'CouRageJD' Dunlop's Apex Predator status in Apex Legends. A significant reason for the issue was that CouRageJD partnered with top players in Duos while reaching Apex Predator. The picture he posted when he reached Predator actually showed zero kills and seven assists.


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However, he decided that he wouldn't let anyone think he didn't deserve his rank. To prove his abilities, he started a fresh account in Apex Legends. Nevertheless, some are unconvinced, and that's evident in his recent tweets.

CouRageJD Apex Legends

It took CouRageJD 53 hours to reach Masters Rank. Although it is not Predator rank, it is directly below Predator. It's proof that CouRageJD is more skilled than most people think.

In Apex Legends, I was one of those people skeptical of CouRageJD due to his high-level teammates. Then again, if someone reaches Masters that quickly, they're top dog. That was like when iiTzTimmy got Predator rank after 54 hours of live streaming. The skill is evident there.

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Of course, some are still not convinced. For example, the tweet below.

CouRageJD has never really had to prove himself to anyone; we're just fans watching him play games. Even if he reaches Apex Predator, some will accuse him of cheating. Streamers are expected to deal with comments like that, so don't get discouraged if you're also streaming.

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Nevertheless, congratulations to CouRageJD for reaching Masters, and good luck if he wants to continue his streak to Predator.