Check Map Rotations With Apex Legends Map Rotation Site

Sometimes it can be a bit of a pain to figure out Apex Legends map rotations without loading up the game and poke about to find the information.

Thankfully a software engineer who goes by the name Kuro has come up with a simple and elegant solution.

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Checking Apex Legends Map Rotations

Apex Legends Map Rotation screenshot
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SIMPLE: Check the next map, or maps for a specific date and time

An avid Apex Legends player with a heavy bias toward certain maps, Kuro could not figure out any way to check Apex Legends map rotations without loading up the game to see when their favorite maps would be up.

After a bit of research and data mining, they came up with the Apex Legends Map Rotation tool for both Battle Royale and Arenas.


Each site simply states the next map in the rotations and how much longer until that map is up.

Players can also check the upcoming rotation for the day or, for the Battle Royale maps, input a select day and time to see what map will be available.

It is a very easy-to-use tool that presents very basic yet incredibly useful information for Apex Legends players who prefer to play on certain maps.

Seeing how many players have strong feelings one way or another about which maps are currently in play, this tool can help them figure out the ideal times to get their Apex Legends time in without having to play on maps they do not favor.

While they could find the game information in-game, these two tools help them do so without loading everything up, getting the info, and then exit the game if their favorite map is not currently active.

File this idea under the "why didn't I think of that" and enjoy the information Kuro has so readily provided.

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