Apex Legends Catalyst- Release Date, Lore, and Everything We Know

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Apex Legends Catalyst is one of a handful of new leaked legends that’s almost surely coming to Respawn’s battle royale sometime in the next several months. While we don’t yet know how Catalyst might look, the Apex Legends leak did include a number of details about Catalyst, including their skills and how they may fit into your team.

This guide covers what we know about Catalyst in Apex Legends so far, including their skills, potential release date, and more.

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When Is the Catalyst Release Date in Apex Legends?

So far, most of the leaked characters don’t have a solid release date or even a time frame. The leaked footage hosted on Reddit shows what looks like fairly rudimentary work on Catalyst’s model and skills, so we’d be surprised if they were close to releasing anytime soon. Assuming Respawn sticks with their “one Legend per season” pattern, it may be a while before we actually see Catalyst in the game.

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Is There Catalyst Lore?

Not yet, but that’s likely to change as Respawn gets closer to launching the character. Catalyst revolves around building and fortifications, so we wouldn’t be surprised if their lore includes a - potentially tragic - reason for that.

What Are Catalyst’s Skills in Apex Legends?

Catalyst is purely a defense character and an excellent choice on any team that uses fortifications.

  • Passive: Reinforce - Increases HP of structures and doors
  • Tactical: Ferro Shot - Creates a ramp of hardened Ferro fluids
  • Ult: Iron Tower - Creates a column of Ferro fluid underneath Catalyst

In short, Catalyst is well suited to using the battlefield to your team’s advantage, though they should be paired with at least one Legend that’s skilled in offense

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