Apex Legends Team Deathmatch "Domination" Mode and Capture the Flag Leaked

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Respawn Entertainment has recently added some changes to the Olympus map for the latter half of Season 9 in Apex Legends. New parking spots can now be found in the north west of Olympus. Leaks say that these spots are teasers for a new upcoming game mode for the title.

With Apex Legends Season 11 on the horizon, and Apex Legends ranked Arenas already confirmed to be releasing soon, could it be too soon for Respawn to add another mode? This one might be for Season 12 or even later, in order to make room for Apex Legends' new map to have some breathing room before adding another mode.

Whether grinding the Apex Legends ranked ladder is getting boring or Arenas just isn't doing it for you, perhaps another new mode could be right for you. Here's everything we know about Apex Legends' "Capture" Deathmatch mode:

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch "Domination" and Capture the Flag Modes

As of now, many players running around on Olympus have been finding new parking spots in the upper left part of the map. However, players have yet to figure out the use for this new parking slots. Trying to park a Trident on one of the spots doesn't reward the player with anything similar to the MRVN robots in the map.

However, leaks say that the new parking spots could be in preparation for a new game mode in Apex Legends.

Hammond Labs, a tall building that looks like a visitor centre, in the middle of the Apex Legends map.
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Apex Legends Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag Leaks

According to dataminer Shrugtal, Apex Legends will get another game mode called Capture in the upcoming updates. Instead of being a battle royale or a squad-vs-squad mode, Capture will work similarly to a massive deathmatch mode.

Capture would pit teams of players in capturing areas on the map to secure points. To win, players will need to hold out these areas as long as they can to earn enough points to win the match.

Shrugtal has also datamined two maps for the "domination" style mode, Docks and Hammond Labs. For the latter, teams will start in Estates and Energy Depot and rapidly redeploy to the fight using Tridents.

How Will The Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Teams Work?

Earlier in competitive Apex Legends news, reports of players getting into teams of five players have shown up in some games. Normally, battle royale and Arenas only allows three players per team, which left many players perplexed and took their experiences to social media.

Potentially, the 5-man stack in Apex Legends could be a feature intended for this new Capture mode, which would also see players automatically respawn after dying.

However, our old friend Shrugtal feels that there will be nine-person teams. This will consist of three separate teams on each side, allied with one another, which could go some way to allowing multiple of the same Legends and not letting the voice lines get confusing.

Apex Legends Capture Deathmatch Teasers

As of now, Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially release any information and teasers about this TDM mode.

We'll have to wait for more information from Respawn if this mode will be true. The announcement could also happen on EA Play Live 2022 which is scheduled to happen this 2022.

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