Apex Legends Player Discovers Broken Thermite Grenade Exploit

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Apex Legends has its fair share of bugs even into Season 10, this is expected with a title that's so regularly updated, there's a lot of trial and error. Luckily Respawn implements plenty of fixes which can be found in the Apex Legends patch notes.

Although at times this can be extremely frustrating, sometimes fun bugs or exploits become available, let's take a look at the most recent to come to Apex Legends.


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Thermite Grenade Exploit

Grenades of all kinds can be a complete game-changer, throwing one at a fleeing enemy could be the difference between them getting away and you getting a kill. Aside from that, they can be pretty overpowered if you have plenty to spam at another squad, especially Thermite Grenades.

Though the Arc Star is probably considered the strongest grenade within Apex Legends, the Thermite takes first place for a lot of players. The plus side to this grenade is the range of the incendiary on the floor, as well as that, it continues to burn players over time.


One of the most frustrating situations is when an enemy is about to be downed but, they manage to barricade themselves behind a door whilst healing. By the time you kick the door down, they've likely already recovered or have thrown down a grenade, why not surprise them?

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A player by the handle of goinmool on Reddit posted the below video which shows a new exploit using a Thermite Grenade. It looks like there's an empty space in the right corner of the door due to its curved edges, allowing room for a grenade to be thrown inside the building.


Although this exploit is one that likely would be fun to use a few times, it also really needs patching. Those that have no idea about the bug likely will find themselves completely caught out and many players might abuse this.

That's about all we know about this exploit, we're yet to find out if this works with Frag Grenades too though suspect it likely does! If you do give this exploit a go try to be mindful of others!

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