Apex Legends Players Banned Over Club Names and Tags

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Respawn have always been an inclusive developer with a roster of diverse legends. With Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence on the way the team are still staying true to their mission and that means preventing any form of harassment or negativity.

Although Respawn holds true to this, it seems EA may have gone too far, players are getting permanently banned due to their club names or tags, whether they are the owner or just a member.

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Apex Legends Players Banned Over Club Names and Tags

If you're one of the many players that thought they would use the clan feature to have a laugh with friends, you might want to revisit that decision. This issue was raised by Reddit user naTriumPT, this is what they had to say, "I'm posting this on reddit to see if I can get some traction as what just happened to our group of friends is simultaneously bizarre and unacceptable."

They continued, "As the title stated, I received a warning for an inappropriate club name (SniperLovers69, if anyone's curious), and was notified that this bare no consequence and the club was being renamed."

The player took this reasonably and wasn't too bothered thinking they may have been auto-banned due to reports from players, although, when they attempted to log in they discovered in their words, "my entire EA account was banned."

Our faithful Shrugtal was on the case, posting to Twitter regarding this issue and warning players to be careful if their clan names or tags include 69, simp or anything else that could be questionable.

EA then announced that they had reversed the bans that involved players who were a part of a club including these 'leud' names, they stated that there had been warnings sent out but there were some bans that were unintentional regarding this issue.

Fingers crossed players won't suffer this fate again and for those that have experienced issues be sure to contact support as depending on the circumstances you'll likely be able to get your account back.

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