Apex Legends Winter Express: Best Legends To Use In The Christmas LTM

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Players are going crazy for the returning Winter Express LTM.

It's no surprise, the game mode is a breath of fresh air from the usual experience.


It can be tricky to figure out which legend to play during the LTM, especially as the load-outs are preset.

Keep reading to find out which legend you should be battling it out with on the train!

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Best Legends For Winter Express LTM

Below you can find a list of the best legends to use starting with the top, then descending.

Bear in mind Winter Express comes with premade load-outs and they constantly change.

Due to this, the list is based purely off of the legends abilities.


1. Caustic

If you're playing the LTM at the moment you'll most likely see a Caustic in every game.

He's probably the best legend to play in this game mode.

This is due to his ability to place his gas tanks around the train.

As well as that, his ultimate, the gas grenade is lethal in close quarters.

2. Wraith

We all know Wraith to be a master evader.


This is where she comes in hand in such an intimate fight.

Her ultimate allows herself and teammates to escape an otherwise deadly encounter.

Her tactical also allows her to slip away when low on health and being attacked.

3. Rampart

Rampart is a great option for Winter Express.

Her amped walls allow for a perfect camping situation.

Although this can become a sticky situation when you add grenades to the mix so watch out.


As well as the above her turret, Shiela is great for long-range attacks as well as up close if you can muster it.

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4. Wattson

A great match for Rampart and Caustic, Wattson.

Due to her ability to place electric fences, she provides added security to a camping play.

She also has an ultimate which will render grenades useless when thrown nearby the pylon.

5. Bloodhound/Crypto


We decided to put Bloodhound and Crypto in a joint position.

This is simply because their abilities are very similar and do the same job, one is more mobile than the other.

Cryptos drone allows for autoscanning, whereas Bloodhound will have to do so themselves.

These abilities are great when you're trying to figure out where a player is and why you can't capture the train.

Cryptos ultimate also damages all enemies within a radius which is brilliant for such a close fight.

6. Lifeline (Bonus Legend)

Lifeline, we thought we'd throw her in as a bonus option.


Her healing drone is handy as always through can be a bit risky in this fastpaced LTM.

Our reason for putting her on the list is her ultimate ability, the care package.

Using this in Winter Express will allow you to grab some higher tier loot like purple body shields!

That's it for the top legends to use in the current play mode.

Who do you think is the best legend to use? Let us know on Twitter.