Apex Legends Will Get Steam-Exclusive Gun Charms

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Apex Legends developers, Respawn, announced cross-play and that Apex will be coming to Steam at the EA Play event.

To celebrate this some steam-exclusive gun charms are coming to the game.


Here's what we know!

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Steam-Exclusive Gun Charms

Apex Legends will be coming to Steam like many other EA titles.


To celebrate, some steam-exclusive gun charms have been revealed.

The new charms pay tribute to many Steam classics like Half-Life and Portal, here they are (quotes come from Apex Legends official site):

"Terrify your opponents with the adorably horrifying Headcrab Runner Gun Charm! It’s a para-site for sore eyes."


The first charm shows Octance with the well-known headcrab from Half-Life.

"Here's an interesting fact: You can bring GLaDOS into the Arena with the PotatOS Gun Charm. *Slow clap*"

The Steam version of the Apex will also include the potato from Portal 2 as a charm.


"Form an unspoken connection with the Wired Companions Gun Charm. The sparks are flying already!"

The last charm is Wattson holding the classic that is the Companion Cube from Portal.

Apex Legends Gun Charms

These gun charms will be free limited-time login rewards for those that use the Steam version of the game when it launches.


There's no clear date as to when Apex will be coming to Steam, all we know so far is it will be some time in the fall.

Check back and we'll let you know when we know!

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