Respawn Nerfs The Valk Hover Fuel Reduction Feature

The Apex Legends Valk hover workaround will work no longer as of May 27, Respawn developer John Larson announced on Twitter.

Larson said the team made the decision after seeing how players abused the feature that let them reduce Valk’s fuel consumption by hovering so they could watch the fight play out.

With the Apex Legends ALGS 2021 season kicking off soon, Larson said it was best to implement this change soon to avoid any issues.

However, Valk fans are far from pleased about the change.

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Respawn Nerfs The Valk Hover Fuel Reduction Feature

The general consensus in responses to Larson’s tweet is that the decision ignores how most Apex fans play the game.

“The pros who are the tiny minority of the playerbase matter more than the millions of fans and players who put hours and dollars into this game daily,” one Twitter user said.

Others pointed out how easy it is to counter the abuse simply by aiming up at the hovering Valk.

Larson, however, believes it’s an unfair practice regardless of player type, saying “we found Valks would often take coffee breaks above the final fight in scrims.”

Whatever the case, he also said nerfing it completely was the only option. Even slightly increasing consumption “still allowed Valk to stay airborne for too long in certain final rings. It could potentially effect [sic] any game that went to final ring, not just scrims.”

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