Apex Legends: Dataminers Confirm Ultimate Callouts In Next Update

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Leakers have recently datamined Apex Legends voice files that show Legends having particular callouts for ultimates. Potentially, the upcoming patches could add these voicepacks as a quality-of-life update to this competitive title. Here’s what we know about his Apex Legends.

Ultimate Callouts

According to known Apex Legends dataminer Garret, the datamined Apex Legends content featured new Valkyrie voicelines that talk about her Ultimate. The voicelines accurately relay to her teammates if she has her ultimate ready or if it’s about to be full.


As of now, Apex Legends players have no way to relay the state of their ultimate aside from manually calling it out to their teammates. The only Ultimate related quality-of-life feature is the Ultimate Accelerant shortcut when pressing your ultimate when it’s not available.

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How It Helps

Adding these Ultimate callout voicelines will definitely improve Apex Legends’ communication system outside voice chat. Players can easily relay if their ultimate is ready or unavailable during a hectic fight with this feature. Previously, Respawn Entertainment is known for including many communicative features which allow players to relay info without the need to speak in voice chat.


Some Legends have massive ultimates where teams can play around it to secure victory over other squads. These voicelines could make or break tactical plays not only for high level players but also for strangers just meeting up in matchmaking.

Next Update

As of now, Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal any new major updates for Apex Legends. However, the first Ranked split of Season 9 is about to end in a few days now. A new update could arrive along with the Ranked reset for the second split of Season 9.

For now, players can only wait for a few more days to see what’s in store for the next update for Apex Legends Season 9.


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