Apex Legends Twitch Drops: Week 4 Community Created Loading Screens

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Respawn announced a series of Twtich Drops for Apex Legends starting on June 1, 2021, and running until August 3, 2021.

Players can earn a drop per week by watching their favorite Apex Legends streamers for an hour.


Apex Legends Twitch Drops

There are a total of six different Community Created loading screens for Apex Legends up for grabs during the Twitch Drop campaign.

  • Loading screen one: June 1 to 8
  • Loading screen two: June 8 to 15
  • Loading screen three: June 15 to 22
  • Loading screen four: June 22 to 29
  • Loading screen five: July 20 to July 27
  • Loading screen six: July 27 to Aug. 3

The list of streamers who will be carrying Twitch Drops will change each week, with Week including:


Previous weeks featured:

To earn a drop, fans must watch an hour's worth of approved streams during the course of the week.


There is no need to watch in a solid hour block or spend an hour watching one streamer in particular.

As long as a viewer watches a total of one hour between each of the chosen streamers, they will earn the Twitch Drop for the week.

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Claiming Twitch Drops

In order to claim a Twitch Drop, Apex Legends fans must have a Twitch account and must have their Twitch account connected to their EA account.

This can be set up from their Twitch Drops Inventory page.

Viewers can track the progress of their drops from this page as well as view which streamers are participating in the current week's drops.

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Apex Legends Community Created

Apex Legends Octane fan
FANS: A fan-created piece of an Octane fan

This campaign is part of the Apex Legends Community Created initiative, highlighting community members and their Apex Legends comics, loading screens, and more.

Some of the artists included in the project include:


Fans can enjoy many of these Community Created pieces by following @PlayApex on Twitter, where they will be posting them on Thursdays and Fridays each week.

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