Apex Legends Season 6: New Weapon, Titanfall Volt SMG

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Data miners discovered code for the Volt in Apex as early as September 2019. This was followed by speculation that the weapon could be introduced around season three, when the Charge Rifle got added to the game, but no such luck.

We now know for certain, however, that the weapon will appear in Apex season six later this month.

What Is The Volt?

“The Volt is a Pilot energy submachine gun featured in Titanfall 2,” the Titanfall wiki explains.

If you haven’t gotten around to playing the Titanfall 2 campaign yet, it’s an absolute must — but suffice it to say the Volt’s one of the go-to weapons you find and use frequently throughout that world. It’s also available in multiplayer mode.

The Volt “fires concentrated bolts of high energy,” the wiki goes on, “which are referred to as ‘blue tracers.’ Despite this making the weapon very effective in medium- to close-range engagements, at long range these blue tracers can very easily give your position away. The Volt appears to be equipped with a suppressor by default, though this attachment provides no in-game benefit. The Volt is often utilised by Stalkers and Spectres.”

A game as carefully balanced as Apex could use another reliable staple to shake things up. It’ll be interesting to see what guns end up being replaced, so to speak, once players get their hands on the Volt.

Apex Legends Season Six

Season six arrives in Apex Legends on August 18, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Apex is simply one of the best battle-royale games available, and EA has announced it’s getting cross-play and cross-platform progression this fall when it hits Nintendo Switch and Steam.

“EA is doing a massive push [to] make it easier for players to play with their friends, regardless of which platform they own,” Respawn said recently.

“We’re very excited that players will be able to drop into the arena on Steam this fall. And it gets even better. We’re huge Nintendo fans at Respawn, so we’re thrilled to announce that Apex Legends will be launching this autumn on Switch as well.”

Joining the roster of playable Legends next season is the “modder” Rampart, along with her massive machine gun, Sheila.

Apex Legends is free to play on Origin (PC), PS4, and Xbox.

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