Apex Legends: The ‘Always Be Closing’ event mode returns

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The limited-time event mode “Always Be Closing Evolved” is back in Apex. It’s available from Tuesday, August 11, till next week’s reset on August 18.

The update went live at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Always Be Closing Evolved

In this mode, the shrinking ring that usually closes in on you periodically, burning you to death all the while, never stops moving.

You’ll enter the match with an Evo Shield and a Mozambique shotgun already equipped, which should help you keep the pace up. The Mozambique’s generally considered to be the game’s weakest sidearm, but it’s better than being empty-handed. Just grab the first SMG or rifle you see, and you should be fine.

With the Evo equipped, don’t hold back your fire; you want to put out some damage as soon as possible to build up your armor rating. Tagging enemies early on will help keep you in the game for longer — and protect you from that ring of fire at your back.

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