Shroud Wanted Tap Strafing Gone Before Apex Legends Almost Removed It

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Tap strafing will remain in Apex Legends for now. Even though it may seem like good news, not everyone will be satisfied with it. Since the beginning of tap strafing, there have been those who have opposed its use and abuse.

The removal of tap strafing from Apex Legends was a favorite of Michael' Shroud' Grzesiek. Apex Legends had good reasons to remove it, but Shroud wants to change the movement in general after it is removed. Those who favor its removal are in the minority, but Shroud has an interesting suggestion on how the developers might remove it.


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Apex Legends tap strafing removal

The developers decided to delay the removal of tap strafing out of fear of removing other gameplay features. Shroud has also considered this and is pushing to change the movement of the game. Apparently, Shroud says that tap strafing will be very similar to Apex Legends' movement.

Here is the clip.


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Even though many people may not support Shroud, it's a fascinating idea. According to him:

"I'll f***ing say it, I'm happy tap strafing is getting removed, it should not be allowed. Now, what I think should be allowed is they should change the default movement in Apex to be closer to tap strafing by default. But I don't think tap strafing, it should be a thing, I don't think so. I just think they should change the movement to make it closer to tap strafing. That's what I think."

Tap strafing itself is a movement that isn't always necessary, so it would make learning the game a lot more complicated. Just thinking about it, it seems to be an unnecessary challenge for the game. T-Pain once said that streamers were making Apex Legends unnecessarily sweaty, and this would support that claim.