Apex Legends Season 4: System Override Event Release Date, EVO Shield, Assimilation Themed Packs, Octane Heirloom Set And More

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Apex Legends will be getting a new limited-time event called "System Override".

This mode will run during the March period of Season 4 and will bring plenty of new items such as the Evo Shield, Assimilation themed packs and a new Heirloom set for Octane.


Plus the introduction of the Deja Loot Mode!

Release Date

The event will run from March 3rd through March 17th.

Deja Loot Mode

Due to a system glitch, this limited-time mode will feature the same flight path for the dropship and all loot will respawn at the same location throughout the System Override Collection.


The Ring location will change on a daily basis. The first week of Deja Loot mode will take place on World’s Edge; the second week will see Legends return to Kings Canyon.


Evo Shield

New to the Apex arsenal of items, the Evo Shield gets more powerful as Legends inflict damage on their enemies, becoming stronger than Epic Body Shields.


Evo Shields change colours as players progress, but their distinctive glow will help players identify them.

Assimilation Themed Apex Packs

Unlock a set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics, in addition to 6 matching legendary character + weapon skins and 12 other epics.

Players can obtain these new in-game cosmetics through direct purchase for Apex Coins, direct unlock with Crafting Metals or random unlock with Event Apex Packs.



Octane Heirloom Set

Players who unlock all 24 System Override cosmetics will also receive the Octane Heirloom set for free.