Apex Legends: Summer Of Plunder Sale Is Now Live

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The Summer Of Plunder Sale is live!

Apex Legends fans have been desperate to see the Voidwalker skin return and their prayers have been answered.

We've put together a list of everything in the sale below.

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What Is In the Summer Of Plunder Sale?

Apex Legends is free to play so to make a profit there are tonnes of cool in-game cosmetics.

These are available through limited-time sales.

The most recent one is the Summer Of Plunder Sale which dropped on the 22nd of July, it contains six bundles which range from 700 to 5,000 in-game currency.

We've put them in order of price from low to high below.

Click the links below to jump to each bundle:


Holy Grail

Price: 700

The Holy Grail bundle is the cheapest bundle available.

It includes the Goblet gun charm, a legendary Apex Pack, and seven rare Apex Packs.

Phase Shift (Returning Items)


Price: 1,500 (1,000 discounted)

The Phase Shift bundle brings back three rare skins, the Blossom Lifeline skin, the Counter-Culture Bangalore skin, and the Night Light Prowler weapon skin.

This is the second cheapest bundle and contains quite a few items for its price.


Lucky Cat

Price: 2,000

The Lucky Cat bundle includes the Fortune Cat gun charm and 25 rare Apex Packs.

Dressed to Kill


Price: 2,500

The Dressed to Kill bundle is a bundle based around Loba.

If you haven't already unlocked her, buying this bundle will do so.

It includes the rare Elegante skin and the legendary Ivory Fang P2020 skin.

Voidwalker (Returning Items)


Price: 3,300 (2,500 discounted)

The most anticipated bundle is the Voidwalker.

Fans have been desperate for this skin to make a return and many data miners were certain it would.

The bundle includes the Voidwalker legendary skin, the Void Shadow legendary banner frame, and the rare Gnarly gun skin the RE-45.


Treasure Trove

Price: 5,000

The Treasure Trove bundle is the most expensive.

It includes the Shifting Sandstone rare skin for the R-301 Carbine and 50 Apex Packs.