Apex Legends Suffers Hack Due To Titanfall Fans' Distaste At Lack Of Respawn Communication

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Apex Legends has suffered a hack from Titanfall fans asking players of the battle royale to "Save Titanfall" and head to savetitanfall.com.

As highlighted by Apex Legends News on Twitter, banners have been replaced with phrases like "TF1 (Titanfall 1) is being attacked so is Apex". Players are also given a message at the end of a match asking them to visit the movement's website.

Players who are affected by the hack are also unable to queue for any other gamemode apart from the SaveTitanfall one.

This is the first time a hack like this has happened in Apex which was a result of fans growing tired of the lack of Titanfall support.

Granted Titanfall is eight years old in March, but the website has claimed the game is currently unplayable on PC due to hackers. Titanfall also suffered from a fairly heavy DDOS attack back in May.

It's unclear if this hack will cause Respawn to change its approach to Titanfall support, or if Respawn will stay silent once they resolve the issues.

Either way, it is clear that Titanfall players are at the end of their fuse and the playerbase for the first game might be soon be non-existent.

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