Apex Legends Steam: Input Lag And Delay Fix

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Apex Legends recently came to Steam, with that came plenty of bugs and glitches.

One of the worst ones being input lag issues.


Luckily, if you're suffering from this problem, you don't have to for long!

Keep reading to find out how to fix input lag in the Steam version of Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Steam Input Delay Fix

Input lag can always be annoying for gamers.

Although, it's likely most frustrating in FPS titles.

This is due to players needing to have quick reactions in fast-paced situations.


Even the slightest amount of lag can mean the difference between a win and loss in Apex Legends.

Many in the community have voiced issues with input delays when playing on the Steam version.

Well, it seems that may not be an issue any longer.

How To Fix Input Delay

Jxneyy_ on Twitter found a way to fix the input lag issues on Steam for Apex Legends.

It's really simple so don't overthink it and just follow the steps below:

  1. Head to your Steam Library.
  1. Go to Apex Legends.
  2. Select Manage (the cogwheel on the right of the screen).
  3. Scroll to Properties.
  4. Select Set launch options.
  5. Type in ‘+fps_max’ then your monitors frame rate. E.g. 144Hz monitor, then you'd type ‘+fps_max144’.

How To Check Your Monitor Refresh Rate

If you don't know what your refresh rate is, then follow the below steps to find out.

  1. Right-click your Windows desktop.
  2. Select Display settings.
  3. Lastly, go to Advanced display settings.

Here you'll be able to see your resolution and refresh rate.