Top 10 Apex Legends Season 9 Drop Locations: Olympus

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With the launch of Apex Legend Season 9: Legacy, Olympus when through a bit of a transformation, changing the face of the map in new and interesting ways.

The Icarus has docked at Olympusfor starters, adding an extra High Loot area to the map with a Loot Vault located on the bridge.

This new area replaces the Crossroads and the sniper's paradise that once existed there.

Unfortunately for The Icarus' crew and the fleet she arrived with, a parasitic plant killed all those aboard the ships and spread to Olympus, grappling part of the station in giant roots.

Along with these major changes, Respawn removed two redeploy balloons from the map, and these major changes, the one outside Golden Gardens and the one outside the Orbital Cannon.

With these changes come a new Top 10 landing spots for Olympus.

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Top 10 Olympus Landing Spots in Apex Legends Season 9

10 - Estates

Apex Legends Estates
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Since the release of Olympus, Estates has been a staple drop spot, always crowded with players eager to spill some blood as soon as they hit solid ground.

The loot here is scattered and is mid-tier, making it hard to grab a reliable weapon right off the bat.

This means a lot of the combat here is hand-to-hand until a player can find a weapon that suits their needs.

The squad that survives estates then has their pick of all the best gear from the Death Boxes scattered around, as well as a Respawn Beacon if any of their teammates were Downed.

9 - Bonsai

Apex Legends Bosai
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Like Estates, though with a lot better loot in better concentrations, Bonsai is often overcrowded with squads, especially on the upper platform.

This spot allows players to touch down early, though the fight to stay alive means many will be queuing for another match before they can fire a single shot.\

With Season 9's changes, the name of this location is rather fitting, with vegetation grasping the larger of Bonsai's two towers.

8 - Elysium

Apex Legends Elysium
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Elysium sees less action at the start of Apex Legends maps than it used to, but it is a great spot to drop for players who like to take their time and gather gear before jumping into the fray.

With medium-tier loot, there are still some golden items to be found toward the center.

A strategic landing spot for squads you like to play the long game.

7 - Hydroponics

Apex Legends Hydroponics
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Like Elysium, Hydroponics is a quieter drop spot where players can generally find only one or two other squads scattered about the expansive grounds.

There is a lot of loot to be had here, spread out between three larger buildings and five smaller ones.

Loot Bins are certainly not in short supply, making this a great spot to collect loot and then rotate out to other areas.

6 - Gardens

Apex Legends Gardens
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A popular landing spot with many places to duck into and use for cover, Gardens offers multiple levels of terrain with plenty of small buildings to snag loot from.

This is a great land for squads with mobility-based characters such as Pathfinder, Octane, and Valerie.

There are also some choice spots for a sniper to set up and pick off competition if they are quick enough to grab a proper gun.

5 - Energy Depot

Apex Legends Energy Depot
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Energy Depot sees more and more players drop here at the start of matches as there is plenty of high-quality loot to go around.

A lot of this loot is easily accessible on the ground, making it easy for squads to collect arms as they run through the POI trying to take down other squads trying to do the same.

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4 - Fight Night

Apex Legends Fight Night
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Fight Night has always been a popular landing spot, offering players a chance at some great loot while keeping equal footing between squads who decided to step in the rings and forgo the use of their weapons for a bit.

Be warned, though. It is not uncommon for squad members to take turns in the ring, collecting loot while their squad-mates wait outside to take down players exiting the ring in their brief moment of vulnerability.

This location also offers a great start to many rotations, offering variability to a squad's strategy.

3 - Grow Towers

Apex Legends Grow Towers
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Grow Towers is an Olympus location that players usually see in the Top 5 of these lists, often as the best place to drop in Apex Legends.

With several spinning tiers filled with loot, Grow Towers is ideal for movement-based characters to swoop in, load up, and rotate out with minimal risk.

Season 9 has seen a drop in popularity of this landing spot, making it even safer than ever to reap the rewards it offers.

2 - Docs

Apex Legends Doc
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A rarely utilized spot in Apex Legends, Docs is a great location for a quiet drop with excellent loot for players who want to load up big and sweep the rest of the map, rotating into Fight Night to pick off any survivors from an initial drop there.

Going into Docs with a plan helps speed up loot collection so squads can quickly drop in, gear up, and start picking off stragglers at other drop locations.

1 - Icarus

Apex Legends Icarus
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One would think that Icarus would be a more popular drop spot, being a brand new location that Apex Legends players are still exploring.

Packed with high-tier loot, it is hard to move through Icarus without some loot being in spitting distance.

A keycard is located at random locations throughout the ship that opens the bridge, a Loot Vault containing even better loot.


Players can drop here without encountering another squad more times than not.

With plenty of nooks and crannies inside to use to their benefit, firefights usually end in one squad running away to lick their wounds while the victors continue their looting spree.

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