Apex Legends Season 7: New Tropic Island Map

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It seems bizarre to talk about a new Season so soon after the release of Season 6, but we're already getting lots of information about what's to come.

A new tropical map appears to be coming later down the line in Apex Legends.


So what's the story behind this?

Tropic Island Map Coming To Season 7

After the Season 6 update went live, dataminers were quick to go to work on it and find out what secrets await us.

One of the most interesting finds is a Tropical Island Map - to which there's very little information about.


In the code there are references to a 'Tropic Island' of which we're assuming is a new map.

Both @Shrugtal and @Biast12 believe it is the new setting for a Battle Royale map in Apex Legends.

Many players believed that Olympus would be Apex's next environment, as it was teased so many times in the build-up to launch.

But, perhaps Respawn has done a U-turn on that idea and have instead started to explore a new environment entirely?


World's Edge was given an overhaul for this brand new season and perhaps with good reason as we get ready to explore a new map entirely. It's likely that Respawn needed some more time to develop this new battlefield.

There's still a chance it could arrive as a limited-time mode during the season, but our money is on this being an entirely new map that will arrive in the new season.