Apex Legends Season 7: New Legend Downfall - Release Date, Abilities, Design And Everything We Know

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Season 6 is now live and you might be wondering what legend we will see next.

Images and information have been linked about upcoming legends previously.


Here's what you should know about Downfall.

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New Legend Downfall

Downfall is described as a 'Populist Pyromaniac'.


There isn't a lot of information on him as of yet.

He's meant to be deep in development, so deep that there isn't currently any detailed images of him yet.

It's likely he will be massively edited by release so the abilities on this article may change.

If they do we'll update them!


Release Date

An image was leaked from Respawn, showing past and future legends.

So far it has followed the order of releases, Crypto, Revenant, Loba and now Rampart.

Valk seems to be the next character to come to the Apex Games, with Blisk following after.


Downfall looks to be coming after Blisk as the last confirmed character.

Though this could change as the image was leaked and we all know Respawn likes to keep players on their toes.

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  • Passive - Fire Walker: You automatically extinguish fire by walking through it. Burning teammates will be extinguished when they move close to you
  • Tactical - Fire Sale: Drop a box of four Molotovs anyone in your squad can pick up and throw
  • Ultimate - Reign of Fire: Fire a rocket-propelled firebomb