Apex Legends Season 7 End Of Year Sale: Release Date, Time, Bundles And Prices

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Apex Legends players are no stranger to sales.

There's been a variety of them over the past seven seasons.


During this time, older items or new will become available for purchase using in-game currency.

It seems we've got one more to look forward to.

Here's everything we know about the End of Year Sale.

The sale is not live yet and so information is sparse, we will continue to update this piece as we know more.


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End Of Year Sale

We've recently seen the Black Friday and Holo-Day sales come to Apex Legends.

It looks like Respawn has one more treat for the community before the year comes to a close.


Release Date & Time

The End of Year Sale with be going live on the 22nd of December according to Biat12 on Twitter.

Biast12 is a well-known data miner within the Apex Legends Community.

Unfortunately, we don't know a start time yet, Respawn is known for dropping updates out of the blue.


Your best bet is to check back here every so often or keep updated through Twitter.

Bundles & Prices

Right now we don't know what these bundles include nor their piece.

Although you can speculate with their names.

  • Legendary Pack Bundle
  • Bloodhound Bundle
  • Energy Weapon Bundle
  • Old Ways Bundle
  • Phasewalker 30-Pack Bundle
  • Phasewalker 60-Pack Bundle