Apex Legends Season 7: Catapult/Flying Bug Leading Players To Their Deaths

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Apex Legends is no stranger to bugs and glitches.

Head to Reddit and you'll likely see a few bug posts every day.


Although with a game like Apex it's no surprise you'll run into a bug here and there.

Some of them are silly and actually give you a little giggle.

Others can lead to death or a loss which isn't ideal.

Another has popped up out of the blue in Season 7 leading players to be launched into the sky of Olympus.


Keep reading to find out more.

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Olympus Catapult Bug

As mentioned above the newest glitch to come to the game means players are being catapulted into Olympus' sky.


Players will find themselves flying higher and higher being told to get back in the ring until they eventually died.

This was a game breaking experience (literally all our games crashed after this)

Reddit user Jolly-Moment posted this clip to the Sub-Reddit on December 20th.


At the moment it's best to keep to yourself instead of jokingly bumping into teammates until the bug is fixed.

As a result not only did the player experiencing the issue's game froze but so did their teammates.

Fingers crossed the devs fix this as soon as possible!