08 Apr 2021 8:44 AM +00:00

Apex Legends Season 8: How To Rank Up Your Battle Pass FAST!

Apex Legends Season 8 is great so far and with it we got a new Legend, a new map and as always a new Battle Pass!

This Season, Battle Pass unlocks have changed a little, requiring you to complete Daily and Weekly challenges to earn stars that increase your rank.

Check out this guide below to see how you can increase your rank and reach that all-important 110!

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How To Rank Up In Apex Legends Season 8

Respawn has tweaked the way players level up the Battle Pass over the last few seasons, with the developer now aiming to reward longer-term investment.

Whereas before you could simply play the game and be rewarded, you'll now want to keep an eye on daily and weekly challenges.


Daily challenges can be anything from playing a couple of matches and earning XP or getting knockdowns with specific Legends.

Weekly challenges, understandably, require a little more perseverance.

Some will revolve around dealing a set amount of damage with a certain gun, for example.

Completing these challenges earn stars, and you'll unlock a new battle pass rank for every ten stars.

Keep it up, and you'll eventually earn enough Apex Coins to be able to buy Season 9's Battle Pass!