Apex Legends Season 7: Battle Pass Grind Has Been Lowered, But Is It Enough?

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The new Battle Pass has been causing quite the stir in Apex Legends Season 7.

It isn’t the new Legend, Map or cosmetics are talking about, but this system that has existed since the game’s early days.

Though the recent BP reworks have angered many across social media, and Respawn is already working to try and appease them, but is what they are doing enough?

What is wrong with the Season 7 Battle Pass?

Yesterday we reported on how you could level up your Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 7.

The new version turned towards the way Fortnite used to run its BP, requiring you to complete challenges or earn XP to gain Stars which rank you up.

Players were somewhat angered by the change though as they felt the grind needed to rank up was just way too high.

Respawn has since responded to this, by reducing the amount of XP needed to earn a Star from 10,000 to 5,000.

Though this is what some fans were expecting, and on Reddit some preemptively said this move wouldn’t be anywhere near good enough.

User u/Xzanos over on r/Apex Legends laid ut their theory for the change.

They allege that the new Battle Pass system is a “negotiating tactic” from the Apex Legends developer.

“Respawn will change the system to be not QUITE so bad but still terrible. Before this if I saw that some of these challenges had doubled id be f***ing p***ed but now that they’ve tripled or more? I’d welcome “just” double.”

They also predicted the drop from 10,000 to 5,000 XP, “Not to mention that they’ll likely cut the costs to get a star via xp to 5k which is still egregious but when it isn’t 10k it’s welcomed with open arms.”

“Don’t take whatever half measure of a fix they have cooked up.”

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Are more changes needed?

I think it depends what fanbase Apex Legends are trying to appeal to.

Having jumped in ourselves yesterday, it does take some time to rank up, and we’d likely have to play several hours a day to reach the 110 cap.

This wouldn’t be too bad, but if we and other players have different games we want to dedicate a bit of time to, there is a substantial risk we won’t reach max rank.

In many ways, this will ensure only the hardest of hardcore earn the best BP items but is the BP really only for that subset of fans?

We’ll have to see what Respawn do next and keep you updated as we learn more!

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