Apex Legends Season 6: Third Teaser On World's Edge

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Remember those cranes that were erected last week? It seems either they've dropped their payload or something's gone wrong.

Hammond Robotics are clearly making changes to World's Edge, Apex Legends' second map.


However, the latest teaser saw the rocket engine that the cranes were towing fall to the floor - was this intentional, or is there foul play afoot?

Teaser Three

Apex Legends Season 6 Teaser 3.

Image courtesy of u/DANNYonPC via Reddit


As you can see, the engine has been dropped, somewhat haphazardly, onto the map.

Perhaps this is where Hammond Robotics intends on building the rocket - if it is indeed a rocket - but foul play could also be on the cards.

Maybe we'll find out more when the next teaser drops?

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What Could It Mean?

Apex Legends Season 6 teasers

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA


At Gfinity, our current theory is that Hammond Robotics is building a rocket that will take us to Psamathe and the next map.

However, could this teaser be the work of notorious trickster and graffiti master Rampart?

If they royally mess things up for Hammond Robotics, they could be introduced to the games as penance, perhaps.

Or maybe everything is going to plan and this is where the rocket will be built and launched from? Maybe it's not a rocket at all?


We still think the upgrades to World's Edge are a bluff to suggest we aren't actually going to Olympus in Season 6, but we can't wait for more teasers so we can find out for sure!