Apex Legends September Soiree: Release Date, Rewards, Skins, LTMs And Everyting We Know

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September Soiree is coming to Apex Legends and brings with it so many goodies.

Season 6 started off brightly but has since been a cacophony of bugs, glitches and issues such as Wattson's new fence glitch, the notorious Knockdown Shield bug and even another Rampart turret glitch.


Now Respawn are treating players to a month of awesome content.

Here's what we know about September Soiree.

Release Date

The event will begin on the 8th of September and ends on the 6th October.



Limite-Time Modes will feature every week through September, switching every Tuesday, with the last one taking place on the 29th September.

Shrugtal has confirmed the following LTMs:

  • DUMMIEs Big Day
  • Armed & Dangerous
  • King's Canyon: After Dark

These LTMs will return some of your favourite modes every week, meaning any mode from past event could re-appear; such as solos.

To kick things off, the first LTM available is called 'Dummies Big Day', this is a fan favourite limited-time mode that sees competitors pick a colour and survive while using surprise abilities and ultimates.


In a throwback to January's Grand Soiree, you'll now be able to grand skins featured during that event for a discounted price (including rare and legendary pack bundles).


The sale starts on the 15th September and runs until the 22nd.


No rewards have been detailed yet, once we have more information we will update you!