Apex Legends Season 6: Respawn Confirms Loba Will Be Buffed

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Apex Legends Season 6 is arriving tomorrow, August 17th.

Many are excited to see the new legends Rampart.


Although Loba mains may be pleased to know the cunning thief will be getting a buff!

Respawn Explains Why Loba Is Getting Buffed

Season 6 looks to be the biggest update and season so far bringing Rampart and a new crafting system to the game.

Many players have been focusing on Rampart and if she will be worth maining but Loba mains will be happy to know they'll be getting a buff.


Unfortunately, this won't be a huge overhaul, it's considered a moderate buff.

She was many player's first choice at the beginning of Season 5 due to being the newest legend but interest gradually fizzled out.

Respawn confirmed the buff during a Reddit AMA about Rampart.

Daniel Klein, Game Designer, responded to a comment explaining the reasoning behind said buff.


"Loba's definitely weak," he said. "She started the season off strong and fell to the weakest spot by the end; that seems to be the way most of our new legends behave. We've got a little bit of a buff coming for her in 6.0, but it's not much."

"We're somewhat limited technically by what we can do, for instance, if we wanted to let you take 3 or 4 items out of her ult, that would require UI work, so that's not happening any time soon." he finished.

Although this buff doesn't seem to be game-changing, we expect Loba mains to enjoy it in the meantime till a bigger buff. 


No details have been revealed as to what the buff entails but when we know, we'll fill you in.