Apex Legends Season 6: Respawn Addresses Two New Bugs

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The new season’s live in Apex, and it’s brought a ton of changes to the game — a new Legend, new abilities and mechanics, tweaks to the environment. Some players are even saying it feels like a different game.

With a new update on this scale, a few bugs are to be expected, and players are already reporting some major ones to Respawn. These include an issue with Crypto’s ultimate ability and another with Rampart’s deployable walls.

“We’re currently looking into Crypto’s drone not properly detecting players when on Rampart’s minigun,” the developer said in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Additionally, we are also aware that in some regions, when you shoot the top part of Rampart’s wall, it causes an error. More updates to come as we have them.”

If you’ve ever been hit with an error code in Apex, you already know that these can kick you to the home screen mid-match, or even crash the game client. So getting these fixed is surely Respawn’s first priority right now.

Watch the @PlayApex Twitter account for real-time updates on issues like this.

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