Apex Legends Season 6: Respawn Address The Silent Weapon Bug

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Season 6 is here and with a new season comes plenty of bugs.

The newest bug to add to the long list is one making some weapons silent.


Here's what we know.

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Silent Weapon Bug

Developers at Respawn have stated they are trying to fix the bug making energy weapons silent.


Guns regularly reported having the issue are the Devotion and Volt.

The problem with this bug is if an enemy using one of these weapons attack you, it's pretty hard to pinpoint where it's coming from.

Audio issues aren't uncommon in Apex such as the thumping noise last season.

Developer Josh Medina has commented on the bug by responding to a player on Twitter.

We some folks working on audio fixes for the devo and volt being silent.. but I wouldn’t tbag you maybe just crouch once or twice on your downed character lol
— josh medina (@lowkeydbjosh)
August 24, 2020

"We [have] some folks working on audio fixes for the Devo and volt being silent," he stated.


There's no clue as to when this will be fixed but fingers crossed it will be soon.

Respawn quick fixed the balance issues at the beginning of Season 6 so hopefully, this will be the case too.

Usually, the team wait till a bigger update is required before fixing smaller bugs so don't expect anything immediately.

Nevertheless, we as players are grateful they have acknowledged the issue and are working on it!