Apex Legends Season 6: How To Fix The Ready-Up Glitch

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Apex Legends Season 6 is here, and there's another glitch that players have encountered.

Fresh off Rampart being able to glitch into the game's sizeable loot vaults, disabling a LTM due to a server crash, and Wattson's electric fences turning invisible, a new glitch stops players from "readying up" before a game - leaving them stuck in the lobby!

It's a frustrating glitch that can cause an extreme inconvenience on a Friday night - so here's how to fix it!

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How To Apex Legends Ready-Up Glitch

If you're stuck in the menu indefinitely, there are some things you can try, as shared by @TitanfallBlog on Twitter.

Major bug right now not letting people Ready Up for matches in #ApexLegends.If you're getting this, try restarting, changing servers, or joining a friend who doesn't have the bug.It might require a hotfix. Will keep you updated... pic.twitter.com/OQYl5DcCHU
— Apex Legends News (@TitanfallBlog)
September 11, 2020

Restart Your Game

As you can imagine, the safest bet is to "turn it off and turn it on again", by which we mean try closing the game and reopen it.


Change Server

You can switch servers in Apex Legends, and doing so has fixed the issue for some. Then, switch back.

Join A Friend

if you have a friend online that isn't experiencing the bug, try and join their lobby.

There's a good chance Respawn will deploy a hotfix for the issue, but it's been a rough season so far.

New seasons often bring a slew of bugs and exploits, but Season 6 seems to introduce a new one every few days.

We've already reported on how all knockdown shields (except for the gold variant) are essentially useless in this season. Find out why here.