Apex Legends Season 6: Rampart Turret Exploit With Caustic Gas Traps

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Apex Legends Season 6 is here, but the latest addition to the game's roster, Rampart, pairs with Caustic's gas traps to devastating effect.

Using Rampart's minigun, Sheila, players can lay waste to enemies but it can also be a great place to throw a gas trap.


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Apex Legends Rampart and Caustic Pairing

Reddit user MojangMemer noted that players can hurl one of Caustic's traps onto the weapon emplacement.

Rather than bouncing off, it essentially sticks there. 


Once a player then hops on the minigun, the trap will trigger and release the green gas.

While this can limit the user's vision, it does prevent enemies from getting near.

That's particularly handy since Sheila is highlighted on the map which often draws enemy squads in.

Check out the exploit in action below.

So get this, you put a trap, on a turret

Rampart has been a tricky customer for Respawn to patch in recent weeks. 


She's been able to glitch into the game's sizeable loot vaults, as well as players being able to use Sheila to fire directly outwards from Gibraltar's dome shield.

If the gas trap exploit becomes an issue, expect Respawn to patch it relatively quickly.