Apex Legends Season 6 PlayStation Plus Pack: How To Get It, And What's Included

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Apex Legends Season 6 is here, and there's another perk for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

If you're a member of PlayStation's monthly service (and you likely are if you're playing Apex Legends), you can grab some free goodies.

Here's how.

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How To Redeem Free PlayStation Plus Pack For Apex Legends

It's easy to do, and here's what you'll get for it:

  • 2 character skins (Lifeline & Revenant)
  • 2 weapon skins (Wingman & Devotion)
  • 2 banners (Lifeline & Revenant)

To do so, you'll need to head to the PlayStation Store page for the bundle here.

Once you've redeemed the bundle, you'll find your skins within the game.

If you're looking ahead to Season 7 of Respawn's shooter, you're in luck. 

A new bug has been displaying the Hammond Robotics logo, of Titanfall fame, in the game-world. Is it hinting at next season's content?

Looking even further ahead to the new consoles? Find out everything we know about the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game here.

We're also waiting for the game's Nintendo Switch and Steam launches, as well as the addition of cross-play.