Apex Legends Season 6: Patch Notes - Armour Meta

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Apex Legends Season 6 is hours away and big changes are coming to the armour in Apex.

The biggest change could be some players dream come true and others' worst nightmare.


Here's what you need to know about the new armour meta in Apex Legends.

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Armour Meta

Armour is being completely revamped in Season 6.

All armour will now be Evo Armour, apart from Gold Armour.

Finding white, blue or purple armour around the map will be pre-levelled Evo Armour.

These can be equipped and levelled up to Red Armour.


Red Armour can only be achieved through evolving and does not spawn on the map.

Gold Armour will not be a part of the Evo Armour stages, it can be found in rare locations as in previous seasons.

Players will now spawn with a level 0 Evo Armour.

Doing enough damage will raise this to a White Armour and will upgrade as you do more damage, this can be done all the way up to Red Armour.

The biggest change to armour will be that all armours will have a 25 decrease in health.

New Armour Health

  • White Armour - 125
  • Blue Armour - 150
  • Purple and Gold Armour - 175
  • Red - 200

New Damage Requirements

  • Damage to White - 50
  • Damage to Blue - 125
  • Damage to Purple - 250
  • Damage to Red - 500

Respawns intention with these changes was to bring down the TTK (time to kill), in the hope it will reward strategy more. 

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