Apex Legends Season 6: New Voice Clip Teases New Character "Parekh"

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The social team at Respawn Entertainment have been worked off their feet recently, and another audio clip has appeared online.

The last clip heard Bangalore calling a mysterious "P", whose identity seems to have been revealed in this next clip.


However, this time around it's not Bangalore calling them. In fact, it's not another Legend either.

Is this hinting we're in for big changes in the Apex Legends universe?

New Apex Legends Teaser

Apex Legends voice clip teases new character

Image courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is dropping minute-long lore bombs every other day at the moment. It's an exciting time for lore-heads like myself, and many players are already trying to decode the latest cryptic snippet.

You can listen to the teaser here:

[NEW MESSAGE: RECEIVED 13:39] pic.twitter.com/RDtM2FgAcZ
— Apex Legends (@PlayApex)
August 5, 2020

The Apex team have kindly added subtitles at the request of fans - especially fans who are hard of hearing - but here's a transcript of the call nonetheless:


"Lovely lady Parekh! It’s Dion Bakar. That pistol you modded for me? A thing of beauty! Top-tier work. A few new friends of mine got to meet her personally. She’s a woman of few words, but when she speaks, baby, mmm, they listen.

"Unfortunately it’s not in the best shape from my last dust-up. You understand. I was... I was wondering if there was any chance at a discount on a replica? Between friends? I'd owe you one. You know where to reach me. Bye for now."

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Who Is Parekh?

Apex Legends does new lore suggest Parekh is Rampart?

Image courtesy of Biast12 on Twitter

We don't know who either caller or recipient is in this clip, despite both names being given. We haven't had a Parekh or a Dion Bakar in the game yet, not even in the wider lore or Titanfall universe.


As much as Bangalore probably hated being featured in the last audio clip ("clips are what civvies use in their hair," after all), her presence may have given us some hints as to who "P" is.

"P" is now quite clearly Parekh, and Bangalore's friendship with them makes sense if they're a weapons manufacturer. But who else do we know who works with weapons?

Yes, new Legend Rampart. We are absolutely sure that Parekh is Rampart's real name, and the fact it is an Indian name aligns with one of the two character models we have been seeing in leaks for months.

This audio clip pretty much confirms that Rampart is an Indian woman named Parekh, which is incredibly exciting. But who is Dion Bakar?

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Who Is Dion Bakar?

Apex legends Season 6 new lore characters

Image courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment

Current speculation suggests that Dion Bakar could be Lifeline's mother. We know that her parents profit from war - and that she isn't happy about it.

However, their surnames don't match. This could be because Lifeline's parents need to use aliases or monikers to deal their illegal arms trade, but we can't know for sure.

However, after two seasons of Revenant and Loba feuding in the lore - and one season of the feud breaking into the games - we're ready for a Rampart/Lifeline storyline to take the stage.

Bangalore would likely side with Rampart, her weapons dealer. On the other hand, Octane would probably side with Lifeline. We all know that Gibby would try to keep the peace, but other Legends may or may not take sides in the feud.

As we're headed to Psamathe and Olympus soon, it makes sense to give us more lore for the Legends that were born and raised there. We'd love more Lifeline lore in particular, but nothing is certain at this point.