Apex Legends Season 6: Loba Will Get Another Update

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We're roughly a week into Season 6 and there have been some big legend buffs.

Loba mains have voiced disappointment due to expecting more of a drastic change to the thief.


Well, it turns out they're in luck because Loba will be getting another update.

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Loba Will Get Another Update

Loba saw a lot of attention at the start of Season 5.


Unfortunately, that interest quickly dropped off.

Being the second most recent legend, you'd think more people would pick her, but she's less popular than expected.

There have been plenty of issues encountered, such as her ability not working, jumping into unaccessible areas on the map and more.

In a post on Reddit, one user suggested several "quality of life" changes that might benefit Loba, such as allowing her to cancel and recall her bracelet mid-flight.


Another includes being able to toggle different colours/levels of loot.

These posts gained enough attention to get a reply from Apex Legends dev, Daniel Klein.

"I am really cautious to touch her tactical (Burglar's Best Friend), even though I understand we'll likely need to do it eventually," he said. "I remember what it was like in earlier testing when it was faster and less well telegraphed."


Loba's tactical has run into a number of issues but it's clearly a difficult thing for the devs to approach.

Fingers crossed Loba will receive a meaningful buff and in return, more players will decide to use the legend.

Currently, there is no confirmed date of when she will get an update but it's reassuring to know the devs are listening and willing to do what the players want.

It's likely we'll see a Loba buff in the next patch if it is any time soon.