Apex Legends Season 6: Knockdown Shield Bug Fix Incoming, Respawn Confirms

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Apex Legends Season 6 is here, but there have been a few bugs that Respawn has needed to squash so far.

The latest one that's irritating fans is based around Knockdown Shields, essentially rendering them useless.


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Apex Legends Knockdown Shield Glitch

Essentially, since an August 20 patch, Knockdown Shields just aren't able to repel any damage at all.

Once you're down, you're essentially out, and unable to protect yourself. 


That's true of seemingly every knockdown shield except the rarest gold knockdown shield, which also allows self-resurrection.

Thankfully, Respawn has acknowledged the issue - at least in some capacity.

As per the game's Trello board, the bug has been noted as one that the team are "investigating".

With the Aftermarket Collection event looming (with leaks suggesting it'll land as early as September 15, there's a good chance that the team will look to integrate a patch into that update, or we could get a hotfix in the interim.


In any case, at least Rampart isn't to blame for this one.

She's been able to glitch into the game's sizeable loot vaults, as well as players being able to use Sheila to fire directly outwards from Gibraltar's dome shield.

She's also able to link up with Caustic to devastating effect.