Apex Legends Season 6: Titanfall 2 References Appear All Over World's Edge

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As we wind up for Apex Legends Season 6, teasers have been appearing across World's Edge.

Many people - myself included - thought that we were headed to Psamathe and Olympus next season, but it seems that World's Edge is getting an upgrade instead.


We know we're getting a new weapon and a new crafting system, but what else is changing? Teasers popping up on World's Edge suggest big changes.

So far, we've seen Hammond Robotics billboards which were subsequently graffitied, and then a crane was constructed, which lifted an engine into position.

Rampart's Latest Graffiti

Apex Legends Season 6 latest teaser graffiti of Kuben Blisk by Rampart.

Image courtesy of @N00bSlayerYT on Twitter

It has been confirmed that new Legend Rampart is the one graffiti-ing World's Edge, so she obviously has something against Hammond Robotics who run the games.

However, her latest graffiti is incredibly revealing, as she shows her true colours and allegiances.


The graffiti, as you can see in the image above, pays homage to Titanfall 2's main antagonist Kuben Blisk.

It's a shocking revelation, as Rampart seems pretty fun and carefree, so why would she pledge allegiance to such a despicable tyrant?

Or perhaps we need to rethink the prejudices we're bringing over from Titanfall 2. We played as IMC Trooper Jack Cooper. Maybe the IMC isn't the "good guy" as we like to believe. After all, they're often militant invaders...

Could Blisk be the Luke Skywalker of Titanfall, branded as a terrorist but really a misunderstood revolutionary leading the resistance?

It's unlikely, he is a very bad man who kills countless innocent people and uses his Titan for nefarious means (read: war crimes), but you never know.

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Blisk And Hammond

Apex Legends Rampart

Image courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment

Blisk and Hammond - the latter of Hammond Robotics - have a history.

Rumours suggest that Kuben Blisk is the creator of the Apex Games, but he has been missing for years now.

Hammond Robotics was once a close ally of the IMC, providing Titans for their cause. As the IMC were opposed to Blisk and his Apex Predators in Titanfall 2, you can see where animosity would come in.

However, if Blisk really is behind the Apex Games, then Hammond encroaching, planting a Harvester into the planet's surface, and now building a rocket could be seen as an invasion of his property.

What's more, with Revenant - a contract killer robot contracted to Hammond - now in the games, perhaps Blisk wants someone on his side in the fight. That's Rampart.

This is a lot of speculation, to be taken with a pinch of salt, but we know for sure that Rampart is loyal to Kuben Blisk. Whether she's contracted to him or just trying to impress, we don't know.


But there could be huge story beats still to come in Season 6.

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A Rocket To Olympus?

Image courtesy of EA/Respawn Entertainment

As we have now seen the official Season 6 trailer, it is clear that the cranes are constructing the rocket that takes centre stage.

As much as Rampart attempts to steal the limelight in the trailer, it is clear that Season 6 is focused on this rocket.


Hammond Robotics is clearly trying to be the Elon Musk and Tesla of the future - we hope they've paid the license fee for some Bowie as they launch.

The rocket will surely play a part in Season 6, and perhaps in the PvE Season Quest that has been confirmed.