Apex Legends Season 6: Dev Reveals Rampart's Weakness

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Apex Legends Season 6 arrives August 18th, just days away.

We like many others can't wait to play Rampart and see if she's worth the hype.


The devs have been at it again on Reddit revealing information otherwise unknown.

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Rampart's Weakness

Rampart's abilities were announced yesterday August 16th in a character trailer, see here.


Many believe Rampart is going to be overpowered and could disrupt the balance in the game.

Well, Respawn Designer Daniel Klien, took to Reddit in an AMA to reveal Ramparts weakness, putting players minds at ease.

During a recent AMA though, Respawn Designer Daniel Klein gave players a great way to deal with all the fortifications Rampart will be throwing up when she arrives in Season 6.

You might think to just start attacking her amped cover ability with your weapon but Daniel recommended using grenades first.


"Grenades are truly the bane of Rampart's existence," Klein said. "If a Rampart's fortified with walls and her HMG, just throw a few nades her way and she's gonna have to go and rebuild somewhere else."

Although Klien also mentioned this weakness can be reversed depending on your team composition, Wattson's interception pylon destroys incoming grenades, "now Rampart + Wattson, that might be a scary combo..."

Could Wattson and Rampart become the next power duo in Apex Legends?


Rampart will be coming to Apex August 18th in the Season 6 update.

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