Apex Legends Season 6: Dev Responds To Heirloom Damage Bug

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A new bug has appeared in Season 6 and players are pretty mad about it.

It involves heirloom weapons and Rampart's Amped Cover ability.


The devs have spoken on the issue.

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Heirloom Damage Bug

The newest bug means if a player is using an heirloom to damage Rampart's Amped Cover ability it will take seven times longer to destroy it.


The Amped Cover ability is a barrier that can be placed by Rampart which blocks shots from enemies but allows teammates to shoot through it from the other side.

The difference in the time it takes to break the wall using fists or heirlooms is quite drastic.

Which isn't ideal in a close-quarter, high-stress scenario.

An Apex player took to Reddit to share this bug.


MoodyAbbacchio posted a video showing just how long it takes to break Ramparts barrier, 14 hits with an heirloom!

He then switched to a player without an heirloom and it only took two.


Source: u/MoodyAbbacchio on Reddit


Many players described the bug as "pay-to-lose", due to how much grinding it takes to get heirloom shards, now making them pretty useless against Rampart.

Respawn's Game Director, Chad Grenier replied saying that the team is now aware of the issue.

The devs are currently taking a week off but they hope to have a fix by next week.


“The Apex team is enjoying a much needed week off right now,” Greiner explained, “but we have a fix for this that hopefully goes out next week.”

As a player of Apex Legends, I really appreciate the open communication that the devs always provide with the community.

Have you experienced this issue? Fingers crossed you won't for much longer!