Apex Legends Season 6: Data Miner Uncovers Gravity Lifts And Challenges

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Season 6 is already underway with what feels like a complete revamp of Apex Legends.

Data miners are hard at work looking into the new game files.

It seems that a new challenge will be coming, involving gravity lifts.

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Gravity Lifts And Challenges

Data miners are constantly uncovering what's to come for the next season of Apex Legends.

According to Biast12 on Twitter new challenges will be arriving at the end of Season 6, possibly bringing teasers for Season 7.


The above image shows all the locations of the gravity lifts, find them listed below:

  • Device 1
    • Kings Canyon
      • Airbase
      • Repulsor Station
    • World's Edge
      • Refinery
      • Skyhook
  • Device 2
    • Kings Canyon
      • The Cage
      • Watchtower North
    • World's Edge
      • Train Yard
      • Sorting Factory
  • Device 3
    • Kings Canyon
      • Artillery Battery
    • World's Edge
      • Fragment West

What Are Gravity Lifts?

If you're wondering what the hell gravity lifts actually are, you're in the same boat we were.

Have you seen the above object dotted about the maps in Season 6?

Well, those are gravity lifts, they're currently inactive meaning they need to be activated.


The above image shows that each device will open gradually.

It seems to activate each device players will have to get a keycard.

There are requirements for each keycard as seen below.



Air Damage - Deal x amount of damage while mid-air


Knockdowns - Get x knockdowns

Outlive Opponents - Outlive x opponents

Currently, we don't know what x is, that will most likely come when the challenges are actually brought to the game.

The Rocket

It seems that eventually activating all of the gravity lifts will, in turn, activate the rocket.

Leading back to the theory that the next map could be on or based around Olympus.