Apex Legends Season 5: Someone Is Watching Crypto

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Crypto from Apex Legends should be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

Mila, his foster sister revealed to him in her last message that someone is watching him.

Here's everything we know.

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Who Is Watching Crypto?

Crypto and his foster sister Mila Alexander were orphans on the streets of Suotamo, they used tech and hacking as a way to make money. They went on to create drones for Syndicate.

In Crypto's 'Stories from the Outlands' (videos which give a background to legends) he and his sister discovered that Syndicate were using bet-rigging algorithms.

Syndicate found out they had done this and began tracking them down.

Mila had been captured by Syndicate and was presumed dead, in reality, they interrogated her about how she and Crypto discovered the company was rigging bets and where he is.

The Lost Treasures event revealed Mila was alive and well, she left Crypto a message through his drone.

She then left him three more messages throughout bunkers in King's Canyon, the last of which revealing someone is watching Crypto.

Crypto teaser 3/3

Mila's message says “They’re working for one guy, I don’t know his name, but he’s watching you… from the inside.”

She states that she has escaped and is in hiding for now, as seen in the Reddit video above.

Currently, we don't know who is keeping tabs on him but there's a possibility that it could be another legend or a character from the Titanfall series.

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