Apex Legends Season 5: Respawn Devs React To Fortune's Favor Trailer

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YouTuber kandyrew recently sat down with two Apex Legends developers to chat about the new trailer and what's coming in Season 5 on his YouTube channel.

Tom Casiello and Moy Parra spilt the beans on the new trailer and what it could mean for Apex Legends Season 5.


They gave loads of new information, including what map changes are coming, Loba's abilities, and the future of Apex Legends even further ahead.

Season 5 Map Changes

Huge parts of King's Canyon have been destroyed ahead of Apex Legends Season 5.

"The biggest changes definitely are happening to King's Canyon," explains Parra. "Skull Town is not the only change - it's the only change we can talk about right now - but there's some pretty big changes happening to the map."

That's exciting, right? we've seen the destruction of Skull Town and read rumours of the additions to Singh Labs, but the developers seemed to suggest even more changes are coming.

Casiello further explains that the events in the trailer will have a direct impact on this season's gameplay. "The events in this trailer basically lead to what happens next in King's Canyon," he said.

However, he also gave a nod to other in-game teasers, and suggested that they will come to fruition soon as well. "Players found clues this week tied to Singh Labs," he said. "I'm sure that means something."


The developers refused to comment on whether you can go into the base or the new crater, but we'll find that out on May 12.

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Season 5's Story And Revenant's Importance

Revenant will play a big part in Apex Legends Season 5.

Casiello and Parra spent a long section of the conversation discussing the lore and story aspects of the trailer - after all, there's a gameplay trailer coming soon with more info on that side of things - but were adamant that the lore was converging and major events will happen in-game, rather than in videos or trailers.

They talked about character arcs intersecting and enemies converging, saying that we'll know more "very soon". Perhaps Season 5 will kick off with a major event?


"The mystery behind the head will play a major role in Season 5," explained Casiello, who also noted the importance of Solace and Psamathe, the base locations listed in the trailer.

It's worth noting that Psamathe is also known as Olympus - the planet where Loba's parents were killed, and potentially where she was raised.

Casiello mentioned Crypto's backstory, so we assume that will become more important. If you remember, Crypto is after the Syndicate, who run the games in which our Legends fight.

Revenant, the Syndicate's hitman, is also at the forefront of this season's story, and the developers mentioned that the killer robot's death totem and neuro link ability "ties in with another Legend, who we haven't met yet."

The devs also made a point of saying that nothing you see in trailers, whether cinematic or gameplay, is superfluous. It all carries meaning, and they wouldn't include something that wasn't represented in the game. Could this mean Loba's blue-haired hacker friend is our next legend? His abilities seem too close to Crypto's, but it's possible the two are linked.

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Loba's Abilities

Here's how Loba's abilities will work in Apex Legends Season 5.

Casiello and Parra also shed some light on how Loba's teleportation abilities will be used in-game:

"It's not something that can be used so you can abuse it," said Parra, "but we do want to sell the fantasy that you can teleport and get to places it would take other people a bit longer to get to. This [trailer] gives you pretty good hints of its usability."

We can't wait to teleport under doors to kill healing players blocking the entrance, or throw our bracelet into a second-floor window to quickly rush an enemy team. Loba's staff will also be incredibly helpful when looting in the early stages.

"With these trailers," continued Parra, "we go through a long process to never show something that players can't experience."

Some design elements from the trailer were also confirmed, most notably that the end of Loba's staff has the wolf head that her dad gave her before he died. The devs also mentioned that the sticky bomb she uses is purely for cinematics and not an ability.


However, they also paid attention to her acrobatic fighting style, saying that these designs were "paid off in a pretty cool way actually" in the gameplay. Fingers crossed for a movement-based character!

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Spectres From Titanfall May Come To Apex Legends, Later Rather Than Sooner

We may be waiting a while to see Spectres in our Apex Legends games.

The Spectres, which you'll be aware of if you've played the Titanfall games, were guarding Revenant's real head and came after Loba when she tried to destroy it. However, they won't be making an appearance in Apex Legends for a little while.

Casiello said that we might "possibly" see PVE action, but noted that "Spectres aren't as prevalent in the season."


However, Parra explained that in the future, "There's definitely a purpose for them other than just eye candy, but here they're definitely serving the plot of the story right now."

After shedding so much light on what's in the pipeline for Apex Legends, the developers went their separate ways. However, they've left fans with even more questions thanks to their cryptic answers!

When asked for any advice for the new season, the two developers left us with a simple mantra:

"Have fun, don't die."

We'll try our best.